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Why a “Low Ball Quote” Will Cost You More Money

Getting a low ball quote might not be the best idea, read this article before you go with the least priced quote!


What exactly is a Low-Ball Quote?

A selling technique in which a service or an item is sold with a much lower price on the front end. This can come up as a hostage load in the moving industry. A hostage load is almost the same as it sounds, the movers pick up your goods based in an estimate, but then hold them against your will until you pay them the price they demand.


Behind the Scenes of How Things Work

Who doesn’t love a deal? Whether you’re getting a new car, a house, a TV or hiring a moving company, all of us want a deal that saves us a few bucks. Hence it is important that you understand how things work, in order to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of a “low ball quote”.

The moving industry is different from other services. You are depending on people you are unfamiliar with, to come into your house, get your goods and then shift them to another location. This isn’t anything that’s to be taken lightly because of the scams that are common in the industry.

In moving, the prices are fixed. If you’re moving from Washington to New York, and you have a 2 bedroom that needs packing services. You will have to cover the cost of fuel, labor, material, and other things that come with it. If a moving company is very cheap as compared to others, it’s an obvious trap. If one of the three quotes you are getting is significantly less expensive, then its probably a low ball quote, and you should avoid it at all costs.


Avoid a Headache.

Annually, there are over 35 million Americans that move their homes, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Luckily, there are many companies that are reliable and provide quality services. But the complaints about scamming movers are not getting lower at all. Recently, getting a low ball quote is one of the most common complaints.

Are you migrating too? Here’s what you should do. Do thorough research when you are looking for moving companies. Lead generation websites that are giving away ten free quotes are not recommended. The job of these websites is to sell leads. They do not have any research on the companies that are on the list.

There are reliable websites like Consumer Affairs, or My Moving Reviews that research the companies before recommending them. Check out their years in business, reviews, size and other things that make them hold their ground.


Who Might Ask, Are Reviews Reliable?

The internet is the first thing that we turn to, to find information about any product or company that we want to hire, so are the reviews on there trustworthy? There’s no simple answer to this question really.

Reading online reviews is essential to figure out whether the company is reliable or not. However, a company that handles about 10,000 clients a year will have more complaints than a smaller company with just 100 clients a year. Check out the DOT SAFER website to find out about a company’s complaint history, business, and fleet size.

For example, if a company that just started a few weeks ago gets fake reviews posted on their website as a front, you wouldn’t have an idea about who you are working with. This is pretty common when it comes to the moving industry, which makes research so important. Various companies out there have attractive websites and tempting name to lure in people, so be sure to keep both eyes open. You never want to be a part of something involving a low ball quote.

The Longest Short Story.

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