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Justin EmeryJustin Emery
10:17 22 Apr 22
If you're looking for excellent movers, don’t waste your time anywhere else! They are some of the coolest guys and I was so impressed with how scheduled and professional they were about the move. Their rates are very affordable and they're very accommodating. They were very careful with my belongings, and paid attention to fragile items. They worked swiftly.
Viktoria IvanovaViktoria Ivanova
18:46 01 Dec 21
Those guys were amazing!!! They answered me quickly, did their job as real professionals and it was on a fair price. Everything with my belongings was all right - nothing missing or broken. I'm really thankful that I found them. Will recommend to all my friends!
Jack ThomasJack Thomas
13:32 14 Nov 20
Interstate Moving & Relocation were amazing and made our move stress free! Mike, Ron, and Chris were very careful with all of our items but also moved us very quickly. They were diligent to make sure we did not go over our flat rate we were quoted to save us money. I received many rates of different moving companies in the area and they were definitely the best I could find. Would highly recommend them and definitely plan to use them in the future!
Adele AlfortishAdele Alfortish
14:04 21 Oct 20
Interstate Moving were recommended to me by one of my coworkers. She was very satisfied with the job they did with her recent move. She talked them up so much, I booked them for my move. I was concerned about the cost and I wanted to keep it to as close to 3 hours as possible. I was ready when they got to my house. Let me tell you, these guys work hard & efficient. They were very professional, handled all of my items with care, and fast! I will use them again in future moves and I highly, highly recommend them for yours!
Nikki MendezNikki Mendez
17:17 09 Aug 20
The team at Interstate Moving and Relocating are AMAZING! They were so much fun and very professional. They took great care of all of my belongings and went above and beyond in making sure everything was wrapped well and didn't rush! They were sure to do whatever they could to make my move as easy as possible on me! I highly recommend them for your moving needs! Great value too!

Time To Move?

Interstate Moving and Relocation Group INC is a top rated full service moving brokerage with 25 years of experience that operates across the USA. Having been licensed by the Department of Transportation, we specialize in a variety of services that are geared towards helping our clients move or relocate to a new destination conveniently without any hitches. Some of our areas of expertise, however, include long distance moves, corporate relocation, military moves, auto transportation as well as packing services.

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We are rated as one of the top full service moving brokerage in America , with world class customer services.

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Moving Services

Corporate Moves

We offer corporate moving services which could range from no-frills, cost effective office moves to custom packing expensive office equipment.

Long Distance Moves

We are also the most ideal company for long distance moves. Of course, moving to a new home could be stressful in itself and adding a long distance will only complicate matters.

Military Moves

We also extend our services to the military. We plan and coordinate military moves in such a manner that all military equipment arrive their destination intact.

Auto Transportation

Our company equally has a great reputation for auto transportation. We hook our clients with reputable auto transportation companies with the safest car carriers to ensure that the cars of our clients arrive their destination in excellent conditions.

Packing Services

With the right packing facilities, these moving companies will ensure that even the most fragile of items arrive the destination in excellent conditions.

Full Service Package

Want to move between states? We are the professional movers that answer with efficiency, flexibility, and value. With us, you get a trusted agent network of moving companies spanning all states in the US.

When you request a long-distance moving quote from Interstate Moving, we will provide an estimate for services that is tailored to fit your budget. Interstate Moving & Relocation Group are proud to offer a premium full-service moving option. As leaders in long-distance moving, we offer competitive pricing, terms, protection and services.


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