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Need residential movers? Interstate Moving Now is a top-rated house moving company. Our professional services will eliminate the toughness and stress of your relocation process. We will take good care of your things as if they were our own. We go an extra mile to give smooth moving experience for your house move.

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Trustworthy Residential Moving Services

Residential move is one of the popular experiences everyone tackles at least once one’s life. Even though there are many moving companies and different varieties of resources to select from, you can only find one mover for your moving needs.

If you are getting ready to plan a household move, and you need a reliable moving company, go with Interstate Moving Now movers.

We have the history, experience, and resources needed to complete your house move successfully.

We have been serving household customers for more than 85 years and we know the things that involve in moving customers and also adding quality to the moving process.

We understand that moving leaves you with a personal experience, one that relocates you from one location in life to the next.

At Interstate Moving Now, we are your entrance to the future, an extension to your dreams, and the resource to move you to the reality of your dreams.

Available Residential Moving Services

Interstate Moving Now is a professional moving company and we offer different levels of involvement in your relocation. We can list your packed belongings, load them onto the vehicle, and unload your belongings at your new area. We can also supply moving boxes and other packing supplies to complete your self-packing.

Our team of experts will place your boxes and furniture exactly where you want them positioned in your new home. If you want to commit all your moving into the hands of our professional movers, our company also offers packing and unpacking, disassembly, and reassembly services.

Below is a list of our moving services:

Residential Moving Services

When you move with us, a move coordinator is assigned to you as your link to the company. Your move coordinator will make sure your move is organized and on track as your moving day draws closer and willing to provide answers to your questions along with the move.

Local House Movers

When you move with A local household move is called a short distance move that can be inside the same country, city, or even community you currently live in. Our long-distance moving agents are in convenient locations and serve each major region in the country. They are proud to provide moving services to your local house moving needs through their independent local moversand brands.

Long Distance House Movers

We put in efforts to provide service to customers. With a large network of long distance movers across the United States, we are available to help our clients, starting from moving quotes to the day of the move.

Interstate Moving Now is a federally licensed company that offers long-distance,state to state moving services to households and businesses relocating across the nation. Long-distance moves are not the same as local moves because they involve transporting your possessions across state borders.  

Our International Moving Services

Being one of the best international residential movers in the whole world, we are proud to move households to and from the United States. Our international moving service includes:

  • A one-source contact for your overseas move
  • Help in pre-move planning till the final delivery
  • Making sure budgets, timelines and standards are met
  • Assistance with customs clearance
  • Temporary or long-term storage, as required

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Home Relocation Services from Interstate Moving Now

We can personalize your moving plan to cater for every part of your move. Starting from full-service moves to packing and unpacking solutions, we are available to help you through all the moving processes.

Packing & unpacking: We can customize our packing and unpacking service to match your moving arrangement.

Specialty items: We can assist with your delicate household belongings that need special packing.

Storage: We will store your shipments during your move.

Residential moving checklists: Are you self-packing your belongings and would need some help? Check our convenient, moving checklists and approach your moving day with confidence. 

Home packing & move tips: A reliable house moving company for decades, you can depend on Interstate Moving Now’s reliable team of residential movers to advise and assist you with planning your upcoming big move. Get residential packing and moving tips for your need from reliable cross country movers at Interstate Moving Now. 

How Much Does Residential Move Cost?

Many factors are considered in calculating house moving costs. While there are numerous moving calculators on the internet, the only perfect way to get an accurate moving quote is to get a professional relocation survey.

We know that you don’t have much time to spare, so we are ready to come up with a moving experience that matches your busy schedule and an efficient and seamless one.  

Below are the factors that influence the cost of a house mover:

Size, weight, and distance: These three important factors will help a house moving company to find out the quantity of truck space needed, the quantity of labor needed, and the mileage to move you from one point to another. All these factors affect your total cost so it is critical to trust a screened house movers.

Packing & crating: For delicate or special items like marble, mirrors, glass, or tabletops, you need to remember that these items will need more care, time, and preparation before they are set to load.

Our company will be able to come up with the items that will require special handling and crating before movers arrive to make sure that any possibility of damage or claims can be avoided.

Ensuring that your staff is ready for a move will save money, stress, and time later on since our properly-trained professionals know how to properly pack specialty items and when to speak with a third-party provider for help with tubs, pianos, and related items.

Ensuring your move: Insurance is one of the highly misunderstood parts of your move. And while you may be wondering the type of insurance you need for a move, you need to first understand the difference between moving insurance and valuation coverage, which is available at different levels based on your needs.

If you need help figuring out the best thing for you and your next move, we’d love to answer any of your questions.

Do you need shuttle trucks? Based on the items you are moving to or from, whether from a long, narrow driveway in a single-family home or to a modern condominium on the thriving streets of a metro area, a move can sometimes occupy more than a single moving truck to haul your goods.

So what do you plan to do when there is a need for a 500-pound item to be transported down several miles on a curvy highway?

Shuttle trucks are the best answer. Shuttle trucks are smaller and so they can better go through windy, country roads and narrow city streets.

Usually a shuttle truck will need to be added to your move budget. From the labor to the extra time, you need to importantly communicate with the house movers about if they will necessarily factor a shuttle into your budget or not.

The cost to hire movers in summary

Below is the estimated cost of hiring movers in summary:

Kindly remember that the mover’s cost mentioned above are just rough estimates and the exact price of your move can vary based on varieties of important factors as mentioned above, like the size of the move, move distance, accessorial services, specialty items, moving season, shipment weight, additional fees, and so on.

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Select from the Multitude of House Movers

Before hiring any house movers, you first need to visit their track record. You can do so by easily checking their Google rating and reading real customer reviews that mention their performance on the job, the kind of jobs they’ve performed, and the amount they charge.

Being one of the highly reliable local house movers, our movers make sure that you find all these tasks easy for you to take care of and you don’t have to experience unnecessary stress.

To start, our Google rating is 5-star and you can read what our esteemed customers have been saying about us. You also can ask for our professional accreditation before deciding.

You can also be visited by our professionals and get an in-home estimate. That should also make things more convenient for you to analyze and improved transparency for your comfort. 

If you are looking to know more about packing, storage, and others, below shortlist of services available with us together with house moving.                  

  • Packing & unpacking
  • Overnight storage
  • Home delivery
  • Pick-ups
  • Deliveries of specific items like antiques and pianos
  • Crating services
  • Same day moves
  • Moving checklist
  • Both commercial & residential moving
  • Packing Material

Leave a message now and we can all make your moving day go smoothly with our efficient residential moving team. Our moving company makes sure that customers don’t have to touch anything all through the moving process.

We will handle every detail involved from packing, loading, unpacking, and even arranging your items in the perfect places if you want.

Our team comes ready with all the supplies necessary and equipment that is specifically designed to prevent any form of damage to any of your packed and moved items. 

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