How to Donate Unwanted Items Before Moving

Moving can be both exciting and stressful, particularly when it comes to sorting through your belongings and deciding what to keep and what to discard. While it may be tempting to throw everything out and start over in your new home, doing so is not only wasteful but also harmful to the environment. Consider donating your unwanted items to those in need instead. Here’s how to donate unwanted items before moving to ensure a responsible and sustainable relocation.

Why Donate Unwanted Items?

There are several advantages to donating unwanted items before moving. For starters, it reduces waste and landfill use, which benefits the environment. Second, it assists those in need by providing them with essential items that they might not otherwise have access to. Finally, by reducing the amount of stuff you have to pack and move, it can save you time and money.

Donate Unwanted Items min

Donate Unwanted Items


Sorting Through Your Belongings

Before you can donate unwanted items, you must first sort through them to determine what to keep and what to donate. Here are some steps to take:

Make a Plan

Make a strategy for sorting through your belongings, such as allocating time each day or tackling one room at a time. This method keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and gives you enough time to make sound decisions.

Categorize Your Items

Sort your belongings into categories like clothing, furniture, and household goods. This step assists you in determining the types of items you wish to donate and the organizations to which you wish to donate them.

Set Donation Criteria

Set donation criteria based on your items’ condition and age. Decide to donate only items that are in good condition, still functional, and not outdated, for example. This criteria ensures that the organizations to which you donate receive high-quality items that will help those in need.


Finding the Right Donation Centers

After you’ve sorted your items, it’s time to find the best donation centers to drop them off at. Consider the following options:

Local Charities and Non-Profits

Consider making a donation to a local charity or a non-profit organization that accepts donations. These organizations frequently work with the community and can provide necessary items to those in need.

National Donation Organizations

Donations are accepted at national donation organizations such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army’s stores and donation centers across the country. These organizations frequently have strict donation policies, so check before donating.

Online Marketplaces

Donating items can also be done through online marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. However, when meeting strangers, take precautions and only agree to meet in public places.


Preparing Your Items for Donation

Make sure to properly prepare your items before donating them. Here are some steps to take:

Clean and Repair

To keep your items in good condition, clean and repair them. This step increases the likelihood of your items being accepted by donation centers while also reducing staff workload.

Label and Organize

To make it easier for donation centers to process your items, label and organize them by category. Label boxes with “clothing” or “kitchen items,” for example, and keep similar items together.

Check Donation Guidelines

Check the organization’s donation guidelines, as they may have specific requirements for the items they accept. Some organizations may not accept certain items, such as electronics or furniture, so check ahead of time.


Donating Your Items

Once your items are prepared, it’s time to donate them. Here are some ways to do so:

Drop-Off Locations

Many donation centers have drop-off locations where you can personally deliver your items. If you have a small number of items to donate and want to drop them off quickly, this is a good option.

Pick-Up Services

Some organizations provide pick-up services, in which they will come to your home to collect your donations. If you have larger items or a larger quantity of items to donate, this is a great option.

Shipping Options

Consider shipping your items to a donation center if you are moving to a different state or country and cannot donate them locally. Some organizations accept mailed donations, but check ahead of time for any special requirements.



Donating unwanted items before moving is a responsible and sustainable way to reduce waste, assist those in need, and save time and money. You can ensure that your unwanted belongings find a new home where they are needed and appreciated by following these steps to sort, prepare, and donate your items.

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Donate Unwanted Items min

Donate Unwanted Items



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