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Discover The 3 Best Car Shipping Companies On The Market

Best Car Shipping Companies of United States Moving APT

Interstate vehicle moving can be taxing and stressful. It doesn’t have to be when you can choose from the 3 best car shipping companies in America. Fire your engines, get those motors running and remember, your vehicle deserves to reach its destination safely and with ease in capable, reliable and certified hands. Important factors to consider for auto transport include:

  • Shipping equipment, resources, and manpower
  • Reputation & track-record of proven success
  • Meeting regulations and maintaining licenses to get your vehicle safely across state borders.

Interstate Moving Now is a leader in providing mover comparison and analysis, and auto transport is no exception.  We took genuine, raw data of customer reviews and analyzed it to ensure you find the best car shipping companies in today’s competitive market, considering all the essential factors. 

To transport your car safely, affordably and with hundreds of quotes and reviews backing your decision, check out the list of the top 3 car shipping companies in America.

Top 3 Car Shipping Companies

Montway Auto Shipping Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT

Montway Auto Shipping

uShip Auto Transport Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT


Sherpa Auto Transport Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT

Sherpa Auto Transport


Auto Transport Companies: What To Look For – A Few Core Tips to Guide You Through the Process

  • Experience and Reliability – here’s an extreme question: how much do you want to be able to drive your car when it reaches you, with zero fines, issues, or border concerns in the process of shipping it? Got you on the edge of the driver seat? Good. This is no joke. While some car shipping companies will appear to be experts in the field, remember to check their history, reviews, and track-record, plus years of experience. These are your wheels. Shipping a car needs to be an enjoyable process that’ll make sure you get the vehicle delivered in the care of professionals.
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing – listen, you have to think of your pocket first. The cost of shipping a car can absolutely affect you, and investigating the car shippers that’ll best get your vehicle to you absolutely includes price. The savings with a cheaper car shipping company can be immeasurable at times, but also, don’t overlook the importance of reliability. Look at your options carefully, evaluate the services you get for the price you’ll pay to move your car, and you could potentially save in the hundreds or even thousands, instead of making a rash decision.
  • Reputation – Customer Reviews Matter – there’s a reason for why reviews have become a central part of decision-making for hiring any service provider today, and car shipping companies are truly no exception. Read what real reviews have to say about the car shipping companies customers have used, and check out the fine print. In other words, read between the lines. If someone says the price was terrific, but the service, communication and nicks and scratches the vehicle arrived with left a bad taste in their mouth, don’t brush these details off. They could make all the difference in you finding just the right and reliable auto transport company for your needs without having to go through the pains another customer experienced, and likewise for positive experiences.
  • Insurance – Paying a Bit Might Save You More Later – insurance policies can range, and when dealing with shipping a car, you should think about the insurance policy you adopt and pay for. Don’t take the easy way out with a minimal coverage plan that might come included with the service if your vehicle is pricy, deserves additional liability policies, and remember that most car shipping companies will try to save on the insurance they offer. Be smart and settle for nothing less than the best car shipping company with an insurance package that meets your needs just as well.
  • Car Shipping Quotes – Avoid Binding Estimates – Sadly, it’s actually rare to find a car shipping company that’ll guarantee a portion of the quoted price your presented with. Many will jack up prices as high as 25% from the initial quote, so be smart, look at what you can do to cover your bases, and get a few quotes before finding the provider you close a deal with.

The 3 Best Car Shipping Companies

1. Montway Auto Shipping

Truly One of the Best Car Shipping Companies in America

Not to be cheeky, (okay, just a bit), but if you ask us which way is the right way to transport your car from state to state, it’s Montway. In our books, they’ve rightfully claimed a first-place position in the industry’s competitive market of car shipping companies, and for several reasons.

Montway Auto Shipping Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Prices: Great Value for Auto Transport that’s Unbeatable

Firstly, Montway Auto Shipping’s pricing is outstandingly competitive, with at least a standard 5% lower than the industry average. You’ll hear lots of competitors claiming they’ll match their prices before customers even mention their name. Can you say brand reputation for benchmark costs to the best of its potential? 

Not to mention that their customer service is truly remarkable, with 24/7 support and agents to address the endless concerns you may have. The only hiccup we can think of is that price quotes aren’t guaranteed, so make sure you know what you’re committing to paying when you sign on the dotted line.

Experience: Sleep Well At Night with Safe Auto Transport

Even with the best car shipping company on the planet, forget the country, you may find yourself anxious when transporting a vehicle. Knowing you’re inexperienced, expert hands of one of the best car shipping companies allows you sleep well at night.

With tens of thousands of reviews that bode well for its serviceable reputation and long-standing success, Montway’s user-friendly and super sleek online chat widget opens the communication channels so nothing is to big or small to ask or address any time of the day. 

They often recruit drivers that undergo full background checks and maintain GPS-trackable vehicles, so knowing where they and your vehicle are at all times is truly easy.

Service, Staff and Satisfaction – Added Value

It’s no wonder this car shipping company guru charges what it does for transporting vehicles in numbers as high as 100,000 or more while being compliant, licensed, impeccably serviceable, smart and safe. The company has handfuls of employees ensuring fleet drivers maintain regulations and license requirements around the clock, so chances are you’ll never have to worry about interstate shipping bureaucracy, and they’ll take care of the drama for you. 

If theatrics arise, you can be confident that you’ll hear from their team instantly but only if they haven’t done every possible thing to prevent you having to deal with anything to do with the process at all.

All in all, Montway is without a doubt one of the best ways to get a car shipped anywhere in America.

2. uShip Auto Transport

Love Shopping? Shop for the Best Car Shipping Companies with uShip’s Marketplace

With state-wide reach all over America, uShip will help you track down the best truck driver for your needs. If you love shopping, welcome to car shipping company shopping paradise, and even better yet, online. uShip puts you at the driver wheel, empowering customers with better control of pricing and transparency of driver history, track-record and overall background for every carrier you consider.

Looking at the prices, you’ll see they’re more than competitive, they are truly remarkable, but don’t guarantee price quotes. Supercharged, uShip is more than just a website; it’s a platform housing and providing a simple and smooth user experience for hiring the best car shipping companies and carriers for your every need.

uShip Auto Transport Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


Bonus points for uShip as one of the best auto transport companies and platforms online?

More than a few to list, but to start:

  • You bypass broker fees and gain a stronger grip on pricing by entering car     shipping details in their quote calculator, and getting a prescreened selection of the  best car shipping companies and drivers for your vehicle. Even your search experience and results are personalized to your auto transport needs.
  • Drilldown of driver info and options means handpicking the absolute best car shipping company with the right drivers for your needs is as breezy as a rolled down window bringing in fresh countryside air. How? Simply enter shipment requirements and details, and automatically the platform produces a list of eligible and willing drivers and carriers eager to take your gig. The beauty of seeing the best car shipping company drivers in one place is also having access to customer reviews, profiles, customer satisfaction rates, the total number of gigs, and years in business driving and working with auto transport companies.
  • User and customer empowerment mean your time searching and hiring the right mover is maximized, so not only do you get the best price, but your process searching is simplified, faster, and smarter than with other sites or even brokers. Marketplaces give you the one-stop-shop for auto transport. uShip puts independence at the forefront of your online shopping experience to ensure shipping your vehicle is in your control as much or as little as you need it to be. With all the driver and carrier details in your hands, maneuver your car shipping company selection process the way you choose to.
  • Things happen – get insured, and assure the experience of shipping a car with up to $500 back if anything happens to a vehicle transported via uShip. Their insurance bundles are great and having your tush and vehicle coverage can be critical, so any damages don’t pinch your pocket, alongside additional shipping issues that could demand insurance.

3. Sherpa Auto Transport

While young and under a decade old, this leading car shipping company offers great perks on pricing quotes that don’t hit the initial cost estimated when the shipping process is completed, like a return of up to $300. Plus, enjoy a free car wash, pristine customer service, reviews, and a crystal-clear reputation for vehicle transport rates.

If there was ever a company that prioritized driver background to the deepest and most intense degree, it’s Sherpa, looking at full background breakdown and even performing background checks where and when necessary. Chances are, if your car shipping company can get your vehicle from its pick-up point to its final destination with Sherpa, it’ll be over and above safe – it’ll be seamlessly secure and keep your vehicle protected.

Sherpa Auto Transport Best Car Shipping Companies in The USA Moving APT

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


Why Sherpa? Just a Few Fabulous Reasons to Choose this Car Shipping Company

Getting your car shipped successfully is a process that requires professionalism, value pricing, fantastic customer service, and knowing your carrier for peace of mind.

With Sherpa you get all three.

  • Enjoy top-level customer service, with reviews supporting a 4.8 out of 5                   customer rating.
  • Pricing is locked in with the $300 return on differences from quoted rates.

The level of investigating driver background is nearly parallel to law investigation research, looking at driver background, history and experience.

4. Atlantic Relocation Services

Atlantic Relocation Services is one of the companies with the highest ratings on customer satisfaction and has received many awards for how it professionally handles furniture moving. The company is based in the US and offers varieties of premium relocation services such as packing and moving home furniture. Customers find the flexible pricing system appealing, especially those moving on a slim budget.

Atlantic Relocation Services handles the entire packing to make sure the furniture item is stored away from any belongings to avoid damage. For instance, the mover will ensure a couch is stored very far away from a mobile cloth hanger. The comprehensive insurance coverage provided by Atlantic receives much praise from its customers, especially for moves that involve long-distance.

Atlantic Relocation Services Top 5 Furniture Movers in the United States Moving APT

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


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FAQs – A Few Insights on Shipping A Car

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car and When Can You Expect to Get Your Transported Vehicle?

Like shipping any valuable item, and the sensitive aspects, logistics and processes involved, shipping your car doesn’t come with a guaranteed timeline, and even the best car shipping companies will take anywhere from a few days to a week before vehicle pick-up.

The actual period of time required for your vehicle to reach its destination can range from just a few days, to up to a month. Remember that things happen that are out of the full control of your car shipping company, including weather delays, political and even economic events that affect timelines, and let’s not overlook technological fallouts that can lower the productivity rates of all companies nationwide.

Will My Car Shipping Company Provide or Guarantee A Delivery Date?

Truth be told, with all the dynamic factors and processes involved to get your car shipped safely from point A to point B, it’s not that simple for even the king of car shipping companies to stand proudly and promise your car will arrive at the promised destination on a particular day or time. That’s why most providers will give a 3-day window and range, so if your vehicle reaches you faster than the latest possible day, you’re golden but don’t have to feel disappointed if it arrives on the 3rd day.

Don’t depend on verbal promises or guarantees to get your vehicle shipped without any commitments signed on. Why? Should the fiasco of failed shipping become a mishap you experience, you cover yourself for getting money back or at least lowered rates and cost when you have promises pinned down “on paper.”

Which Factors Affect the Price or Cost of Shipping Your Car?

Clearly the season, climate, geographical distances and logistics involved in getting your car shipped safely will all impact price. Plus, consider whether you choose the open or enclosed shipping option to get your car safely transported.

Should I Get Insurance Even with the Best Car Shipping Company?

As we all know, life happens, things happen and even with the best of customer reviews and reputations, shipping catastrophes of your valuable vehicle happen. Insurance isn’t just a wise move for most, but often times necessary, with a 20% damage rate of vehicles marked and researched. Some providers will get your car shipped with insurance already bundled into the price, but with basic liability that will not cover serious concerns or flops. Others will offer extra insurance packages but at premiums that will incur unexpectedly painful prices.

Verify everything in advance, and most importantly, know what is and isn’t covered when you hire even the best of car shipping companies. You don’t just want your vehicle delivered, you want it to reach you safe, sound, scratch-free, likely almost as good as shiny and new.

How Much Does it Cost to Have my Car Shipped?

If you choose summer vacay season to ship your car, expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars more than during the winter season, and generally,car shipping costsstart at $1000.

If this isn’t the most common question asked by anyone looking to have their vehicle shipped or actually initiating the process, it’s definitely a hugely popular one. Shipping costs can vary and range based on distance, provider overhead, and expenses, season, climate, regional tax, and licensing rates.

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